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Italian Retro is a wonderful trip along the Italian “dolce vita” style:
music, dancers and singers tell the evolution of culture, fashion, music and dance in Italy from the ’30ies to the ’90ies.


a short story


The choreographies combine the historical events, especially handed down from people who lived them directly, with a personal and emotional interpretation of the artists. Antique and Modern blended together, accompanying the audience on a travel written by music, dance, fashion and culture.


In the ’30ies, approaching war, Italy was experiencing one of its best musical moments. In this time the song “all′ italiana” was born – a wonderful example of the singing talent of Italian singers. “Il paese del bel canto”, that′s the name that Europe gave to the country, represented by unforgettable songs like “Violino tzigano” by Carlo Buti or “Non ti scordar di me” by E. De Curtis-D. Furnò


At the beginning of the ’40ies, the “wind” of swing started to blow from the States, and it was irresistible. It′s the time of the artists that can blend with mastery the American music canons with the melodic Italian tradition. But Italy is into the war... and this kind of music is not allowed by the regime. There is the curfew, the ballrooms are closed. The only consolation against the fright of the war is the radio, that Italian people listen hidden into the cellars. Alberto Rabagliati reaches Radio Londra, challenging the regime and sings his music, “Baciami piccina”, a swing that gives to people few moments of happiness and lightness. When the war finished, Italy had to rebuild itself.


The country went to the ’50ies with a new spirit of rebirth and the desire to express its freedom. Italy left the Monarchy and became a Republic through the first referendum in which also the woman could vote. In this new atmosphere born the “Festival della canzone italiana” in San Remo. Italian people were working hard to build the new State, so the songs left the melancholy and the sadness connected to the war to become more cheerful and able to describe, finally, a positive daily reality. At the end of this decade the music divided in two current: the “melodic”, faithful to the tradition, like Terzetto Cetra and the “shouters”, faithful to rock′n roll, like Adriano Celentano.


The ’60ies were the time of the “revolution”. The Italian song renewed itself and bore the singer-songwriter that wrote his own music. The love songs told about the same moon that the man for the first, time, reached. Everything seems possible. Through the economical Boom all the people could attend the schools and the University, not only the rich ones. The aggregation and the sharing increased. The Beat English Movement approached in Italy. It′s the time of Lucio Battisti, Dik Dik, Equipe 84.


During the ’70ies the singer-songwriter developed their personal style, taking inspiration from different music currents: jazz, folk, ethnic. The songs had refined arrangement and used more instruments, as is showed in the work of Patty Pravo, Umberto Tozzi, Mia Martini, Loredana Bertè, Gino Paoli.


From the ’80ies the Italian music started to impose its songs to the attention of the European audience, using a more “international” style. The “innovation” was especially in the connection of “rock” with black music, soul and funk. It′s the time of Gianna Nannini, Matia Bazar, Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti, Jovanotti.


Just relax and enjoy la dolce vita!


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Festa Italiana per i cittadini di Monaco

Organized by

Consolato Generale d’Italia
a Monaco di Baviera

In occasione della Presidenza italiana
del Consiglio dell’Unione Europea